Disgraced FBI Agent Raven Devlin is assigned to a routine investigation that leads her to discover of a race of long-dormant supernatural creatures. Creatures who feed on the life energy of humans. Raven is unable to convince her superiors what she's uncovered. Driven by desperation, she seeks answers from the Ancients, mysterious beings who live in small colonies isolated from humans. There she is joined by Rust, an unlikely, reluctant, and invaluable partner. The two join forces to save humanity and the Ancients from a destruction their leaders refuse to believe is even possible.  

The Transition Magic SERIES

John Benoit, agent for the Department of Transition Security, is obsessed with protecting the world’s adolescent children from the brief, miraculous gift—and curse—of transition magic. Fans of Tom Clancy’s international intrigue, Stieg Larson’s dark edge of human behavior, and Neil Gaiman’s real world fantasy should enjoy this suspense-filled series.

The Feral Justice dystopian Mysteries

Cincinnati, capital of The Great Lakes Region, United North America. A police detective’s wife is brutally murdered. Autocrats concealed behind a pervasive and corrupt bureaucracy bury the case and threaten to do the same to anyone who seeks to uncover the truth. If there’s to be any retribution for the dead woman, it will come from an unlikely source: an iconoclastic former military investigator called Feral Justice.