Transition Magic, Book 1

Dr. John Benoit, agent for the Department of Transition Security, is obsessed with protecting the world’s adolescent children from the brief, miraculous gift—and curse—of transition magic. Rumors have surfaced of a clandestine Chinese program using kidnapped children as disposable pawns. The objective? Geopolitical domination.

The DTS agent assigned to investigate has been found murdered in his Hanoi hotel room. John and Stony Hill, his pierced and scarlet-haired young partner, race across the globe to pick up the threads of the bloody mystery and eliminate the existential threat.

The world will be irrevocably changed before their mission ends. One of them may pay the ultimate price. But nothing can be allowed to stand in their way. Not Washington bureaucrats. Not an enemy attack. Nothing.

Transition Magic, Book 2

Dr. John Benoit, agent for the Department of Transition Security, has dedicated his life to protecting adolescent children from the deadly gift of transition magic. He’s now faced with a two-thousand-year-old threat: the discovery of a codex that eliminates transition’s requirement for uniqueness. A codex that has been stolen by a hostile government.

Any child using the ancient verse would have unlimited power. Any government possessing that secret and willing to enslave children would conquer all.  

John and Stony Hill, his smart and smart-mouthed young partner, are dropped into a global game of cat and mouse to retrieve and destroy the codex. Their investigation leads them from the shattered quiet of Georgetown streets to the rugged foothills of the Himalayas, where evil and magic collide and a young boy holds the key to the future of civilization.

Transition Magic, Book 3

Dr. John Benoit, agent for the Department of Transition Security, has dedicated his life to protecting the world’s adolescent children from the curse of transition magic. He’s been tested many times, but never like this: a deadly pandemic, a corrupted form of transition, threatens to kill every child on earth.

The disease enables afflicted children to perform magic without limitation before they ultimately die. Reports of the devastating condition and the consequences of wild magic flood into the DTS from around the world, while an American terrorist exploits his afflicted son in a war against the US government.

John and his partner, Stony Hill—a fiery agent half his age—roll into action in a world permanently scarred by the deadly pandemic’s unrestrained magic. 

Transition Magic, Book 4

Dr. John Benoit, former agent for the Department of Transition Security, is called out of retirement to marshall the DTS’s response to an attack by an enemy hidden somewhere in the Middle East. Two of his agents take the lead: Stony Hill, John’s former partner. And Tareef Kahn Benoit, John’s adopted son.

A shining symbol of American democracy is destroyed by magic. The leaders of the U.S. government, driven by fear and anger, want revenge. The DTS, responsible for protecting the U.S. from such threats, is neutralized by a global campaign of assassination.

Stony and Tareef race against a countdown driven by a maniacal leader willing to kill children to realize his dream and a U.S. president willing to start a nuclear war to stop him.